Germans and Aussies and Roo’s. Oh My!

A funny thing happened today while I was checking a few things on my blog. Normally I come home from my day job in the “Fibreglass Mines” and check my E-Mail, look at my stats map and try to figure out my plan of attack for my next riveting piece.

But today as I was checking things I noticed something rather odd. It seems that someone had run my blog through a German translation device.  Now maybe I am as crazy as a long-tailed cat stuck in a room full of rocking chairs but it made me smile just the same.

I have never pretended to have lofty goals for this little experiment of mine, and some people may indeed think that blogging should be left to the more serious-minded among us.  But I figure hey, now that the Germans like me maybe there is nothing I can’t do. Watch out David Hasselhoff, here I come.

One other thing that I have had on my chest is the spat between Canadian Olympic organizers and the Australian Winter Olympic Team.   The disagreement started over the Aussies displaying a 50′ flag outside of the athletes village emblazoned with an Australian Boxing Kangaroo.

Kangaroo Flag (Photo by Global)

The IOC stated that the flag was in violation of a “Clean Venue Policy” and that it had to be removed.  The Aussies smelling a rat,  countered saying that the flag had become part of the Australian Olympic Tradition after the Summer Games in Sidney.  Adding that it was not a marketing ploy and they had no plans on selling competing Olympic Merchandise.

The Australians, wisely in my opinion, refused to take down the banner.  Stating that it stood for the Australian fighting spirit and as a symbol of fair play. Eventually after much debate, the IOC has granted the team permission to fly the flag.

Now I can understand that Olympic Sponsors don’t pay good money to have competing ads in the space they have bought and paid for.  But let us all just take a step back and try to remember what the games are all about in the first place.  The Olympic experience should not be allowed to become co-opted by mega corporations at the exclusion of the athletes.

The Olympic motto is Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger). Maybe it’s just my poor Latin, but I don’t see any thing in there about grabbing a Coke, or eating a Big Mac after watching your favourite country strive to win gold.  Lets keep the games for the athletes.

Go Canada Go!

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