The 1000th Hit Super Happy Funtime Spectacular!

Wow 1000 hits!!!!

I know it doesn’t seem like many but to me it screams success.  I can remember just a few scant months ago I sat down not knowing a thing about blogging or even if I could attract an audience at all.  I thought to myself am I taking on more than I could chew by starting this.  Would I be able to sustain my goal of posting at least 2-3 times a week??

Well judging by the reception I have been getting so far, YES I CAN.  Hmmm sounding a little much like Obama there but oh well.

So let’s have a look back at what I have accomplished so far, I have written at length on my travels in New York City, exposed the Vatican’s loathing of sci-fi written on the topic of deforestation.  I have told the world about my fears of Wayne Newton and my love for comfortable chairs and honest open discourse over a cup of tea and a plate of cookies.

I have begun to tell the world of my home, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with its triumphs and shortcomings.  After all it is my home, warts and all.

So what do I have planned for the future?  Well I have a couple of ideas kicking around in my head, anyone interested in Dan Brown’s books on the Masons will want to stick around as I explore Winnipeg’s hidden Masonic Secrets.  I will also be your tour guide as we explore festival season in Manitoba, highlighting the Festival Du Voyageur, The Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Folklorama and what ever else comes my way as we make our journey here together.

To all of my readers in the Canada, The United States, Europe and Australia.  I give my most sincere thanks, without you and your comments this blog would just be me sitting in a basement rambling to myself.  It is through your comments and efforts that this simple blog becomes a living breathing thing…. Ewww sounds creepy.

Thanks One and All and do keep reading and keep those comments coming.


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