The Week that Was: Jan 22, 2010

Oh lets see, so many juicy topics to pick from this week.

Lets start with an easy one that’s been bugging me and hits close to home.
It seems that Brock Lestner, a UFC mixed martial arts fighter doesn’t care for Canadian health care.   While vacationing here late last year on a hunting trip he was brought into a Brandon, Manitoba hospital complaining of stomach pains.  He claims that due to our “Third World Health System” he almost died of diverticulitis.  An illness caused by a hole in his intestine.

He freely admits that his diet mostly consists of meat, and that he often passes on the vegetables that colour his plate.

“I’m a carnivore, I’m not a big fan of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). I’m a member of the NRA (National Rifle Association) and whatever I kill, I eat. Basically I was for years surviving on meat and potatoes. When the greens came by, I just kept passing them.”

Lesnar admits that his total protein  diet contributed to his illness and has since altered his eating habits.

So what was the problem, apparently some of the diagnostic equipment was malfunctioning or missing during his treatment leading to a misdiagnosis.  In pain against the wishes of his doctors here in Canada, Lesners wife drove him to Bismark, North Dakota where he was diagnosed.

Thank God, that Lesnar could afford to be treated at arguably the finest clinic in the world, Rochester’s Mayo Clinic.   Where they performed a secondary scan of his intestine and found that his body had miraculously healed on its own.  Thus avoiding a messy career ending surgery and life with a colostomy bag.

Oh, here’s another good one.

Tiger Woods has apparently checked into a “Sex Rehab Clinic” in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Grainy pictures are circulating on the internet claiming to have caught Tiger leaving the facility.

First of all, who cares anymore.  Secondly, just what the hell is “Sex Rehab”?  It’s not like the man had a disease like Brock Lesnar, something that can be treated.  He is not a substance abuser, that anyone can attest to.  So what exactly are they treating?

He’s a healthy young man in the prime of his life, are they trying to suck the horny out of him??? Give me a break.

Lastly before I head off into the sunset, plans are afoot in the southern states to start an all white basketball league.  Don “Moose” Lewis, says that the idea for his league is not racially motivated.  He just wants to get back to a more wholesome and skilled game than what is commercially available at the moment.  He claims that whites do not have the racial advantages that black athletes have and that it will lead to a different style of play, a “Niche Market” he claims.

Don’t expect to see slam dunks and fancy athletic play, Lewis wants to present a skill level that he claims that non-white (Black) players don’t have due to an apparently super human level of athletic ability.

Hmmm, let me get this right, he wants white guys with no ability over black guys with abundant levels of dunk-ablilty? Just who is he going to sell tickets to you ask.  Well apparently he is being courted by two networks looking at doing a reality based program on his upstart league.

Sorry Tiger, looks like you’re not welcome in this court.  Don’t worry though I am sure that you’ll be in court real soon.

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