But it’s a Dry Cold.

Winnipeg always seems to get a bad rap for being such a cold and desolate place, even among other Canadians who should really know better.  Tourists who come here in the summer time often comment wow you guys have “paved” roads, “Where are all the Igloos and Snowmobiles??”.

Yes it is true that Winnipeg does have its share of down right frigid  conditions during the winter months, but if you are equipped with even a small portion of grey matter the weather is nothing to be feared at all.

True Winnipeggers are relishing in the warming trend that the city is experiencing now.  A summer like minus 13 degrees Celsius has embraced the city and really has people hopping.

Minus 13 Celsius, lets take a closer look at that number for just a second shall we.  The average deep freezer should be set somewhere between minus 5 and minus 15 degrees Celsius.

Great Britain is enduring a once in a century cold snap where the temps are hitting -10.  In Germany hundreds are left stranded on the highways over night due to unusually heavy snow fall for the area.  Heck even Florida is getting snow flurries this year.

Needless to say, people here are giggling our collective asses off.  The amounts of snow it takes to shut the rest of the world down it seems hardly even registers on a Western Canadian weather map.  And it’s not even just the Europeans that seem flustered by snow.

A few years ago my own countrymen the City of  Toronto had to literally call out the army to deal with a bit of the white stuff.  As this CBC News clip shows Toronto was hit by 25 centimeters of snow.  Toronto’s mayor at the time, Mel Lastman calls in the army to deal with the crisis.  For those of you not used to the metric system that’s about a foot. Mayor Lastman was the laughing-stock of the country.  Although he defended his decision to the end of his term as Mayor.

But I guess it’s all what a person or Country is used to dealing with, stick me out in the Louisiana heat for an afternoon an all you would find when you came back is a puddle of maple syrup.

So yes, Winnipeg can be a cold place, heck I will even thrown in snowy for free. But, desolate?  Not on your life friend.

We have festivals and out-door activities that thrive on the cold weather. Our Festival Du Voyageur starts up in February.  Festival is a celebration of our Fur Trading past and normally a good excuse to party in the cold.

So come one come all, don’t be afraid, after all like I said its a dry cold!!

2 responses to “But it’s a Dry Cold.

  1. By the weekend, it’s supposed to get back into the 50s here in Virginia, and not a moment too soon. Temperatures have been stuck in the 20s and 30s for many days now. My heating bill nearly doubled because I have a heat pump. Heat pumps are supposed to both heat and cool, so they do neither very well, but they’re widely used in the South.

    I bet you Canadians have furnaces that would roast a bear.

    • Well I don’t know bout roasting a bear but we do all have to have pretty good heat here. One other thing that is a must is good insulation.

      I have done some renos on homes here and pulled out sawdust and old newspapers. I guess that’s what people used way back when.

      Actually now that you mention it heat pumps are becoming big here in some of the newer developments. They sink lines 50 feet into the ground and suck the heat out of the soil, like you said it also cools in the summer.

      I think you must have a wonky one because people love them here, say that they save a ton on energy bills once they have recouped the initial investment.