Post Christmas Returns in a Barcode World

Now don’t get me wrong I get the necessity of a computerized retail landscape.  Hell it would be a logistic nightmare with all the goods coming in from all over the world to make heads or tails of stock and inventory min/max systems without the lowly bar code.  The days of the mom and pop corner store where the clerk knew the inventory and price of everything are long gone.

So why is it so darn hard to return an item now days.  For example, I was lucky enough this Christmas to come into possession of a new fangled Blu-Ray player.  So naturally I would like to play a Blu-Ray Disc on it.
Everyone following so far…

Star Trek

I also happened to get a copy of the latest Star Trek movie, on DVD format, from my Sister under the tree this year.  So now that I am safely home and out of prying eyes. I figure Hmmmm, I wonder if I can take this lovely gift and upgrade it to a Blu-Ray edition??

Normally,  as it turns out, this would not be a problem.  I could just pay the small difference in price and toddle off with the Star Trek Blu-Ray in hand.  But not anymore, a series of little horizontal lines stopped me dead in my tracks.

It turns out, after a little detective work, that the DVD copy I got as a gift was purchased in the USA.  Because of that little detail, a difference of as it turns out of one number, I could not exchange it here.

Now I could see if I had opened the disk, a return would be out of the question. Obviously I could not then return it as new. But my copy sits on the computer desk beside me, pristine and unopened. All because a little line on the box says that it was not purchased in Canada.

Hmmmph… and I thought that computers were supposed to make our lives easier.

I will leave this one open for discussion, please feel free to grab a cookie and talk amongst the group.

PS: Sis, if your reading this, I think it’s a very thoughtful and perfect gift. You know my taste in movies all to well.  It will be enjoyed to the full. 🙂

3 responses to “Post Christmas Returns in a Barcode World

  1. Bob, that really sucks. I know VHS tapes used to have “regions” where they wouldn’t play in different parts of the world. I assume it’s the same for DVDs, although I guess U.S. and Canadian are compatible. I once ordered a VHS movie from Canada and it was fine. Didn’t try to return it, though.

    And you’d think stores that operate in multiple countries would let their merchandise be interchangeable. Maybe it has something to do with the exchange rate.

    Heck, I recently bought a portable vacuum in Target, a project that involved visiting 3 of their stores and the Web site. One store and the site had the cheapest price. At the second store a few miles down the road it was $2 more and they refused to honor the lower price. The third store had signs on it for BOTH prices, and they honored the lower price.

    Talk about confusing.

    Let’s face it, we’re all just little pawns in their game.

    BTW, if you like Star Trek, you should love that movie. I thought they did an amazing job of recreating the characters. Bones was my favorite, but Spock was excellent, and Kirk was even believable as someone who would grow up to be William Shatner.

    They seem to have succeeded in adding many more years to the franchise with these fresh new actors.

    • That’s just the thing Karen, the movie is perfectly compatible with players sold here in Canada. The region codes on DVD’s are more specific to continents than countries.

      But because it was sold in the USA I would have to take it back to the States to get an exchange or refund. Something I am not about to do, being that it is a 2 hour drive to the border. I will have long since opened it and enjoyed it many many times over.

      I am really looking forward to watching it and seeing how they re-imagine the characters. From what I understand Leonard Nimoy is in it as Spock? Hmmm I thought they had a new Spock for the job now??

      I did however pick up a few movies for tonight, New Years Eve, in case we decide to stay in.

      Happy New Year!!!

  2. Yes, Leonard Nimoy is in it as Spock, and it’s done rather awkwardly with some time-shifting, because old Spock isn’t supposed to be around when young Spock is. But it was still good to see him again.

    I was a big fan of the first Star Trek movies starring the original cast, even though they were a little long in the tooth. I thought they started to get kind of forced by the time they did the one with the whales (was that IV?).

    I only saw the first one with the Next Gen cast, and I think Kirk got killed. That finished Star Trek for me until this prequel. But I liked Patrick Stewart and probably should catch up on what I missed.