Can’t Sleep Wayne will eat me!

Going to take a bit of a break from the New York thing today to get to something that truly terrifies me.

Wayne Newton, Mr. Las Vegas himself, is coming to Winnipeg and I am sure he’s going eat me or someone I love.

As anyone who is a fan of The Amazing Race can attest last nights season finale was shocking for two reasons. Firstly, Megan and Shane, the blond couple with the all American good looks actually won!

Normally on these types of shows there is an underdog who pulls victory out of the claws of those who truly deserve it. Not this time though, the million dollar prize actually went to the team that had won the most legs throughout the season.

Good on ya Megan and Shane, well done indeed!

Secondly, what appeared to be Wayne Newton, played a roll in the show by giving the contestants the final riddle of the game.  Now I say, appeared to be Wayne Newton because I can’t be sure that what appeared on my television was actually him. I saw a huge, bloated, face lifted in the extreme version of what Mr. Newton was.

If this is what counts as growing old gracefully in the year 2010 and beyond count me out. I will continue to enjoy his music regardless of what he chooses to do.  I guess what I am trying to say is at some point we have to come to terms with our own mortality and roll the dice that life has given us.

To steal a quote from another elder musician  who chooses to go on naturally.

Guys, whatever you do, don’t try to grow old gracefully.  It won’t suit you.

Pete Townshend to the Rolling Stones

2 responses to “Can’t Sleep Wayne will eat me!

  1. I have never watched the Amazing Race except for an episode or two the first season, so I can’t comment on who won. But I don’t think I’d cross the street to see Wayne Newton, either, especially while he’s wearing that Halloween mask he calls his face.

    • It was freaky in the extreme Karen, now I am not a huge fan of Wayne.
      But I do respect his body of work, unfortunately it looks like he ate that body of work and everything else around it.. Think Mr Creosote from Monty Pythons Meaning of Life.

      Combine that with his stretched out face and it makes for one freaky looking crooner.