MY Winnipeg

Before I get started just one quick thing… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM, nice to be 29 again eh!!!!!!  Love You

A lot has been made about Winnipeg in the pages of Catsworking these last few months. It has become a bit of a lightning rod of sorts, good in the fact that its giving my hometown a bit of press.

Well from a completely historical and geographical perspective Winnipeg has always been at the crossroads of North America. Go ahead look at a map, I have time……

Ahh, there you are… So I was saying Winnipeg was once the Chicago of the North. The railway hub of a West that never came to pass. Our turn of the century architecture has that “Chicago Style” and has been used as a cost friendly alternative to actually filming in Chicago proper.

Before that, even before the American West was won, French and English influences were being laid… Literally.  In the 1700’s Mid Western Canada was the hub of the fur trade with Europe.  Small bands of Voyageurs (trappers and adventurers) explored this part of the country often “Marrying” the local women and Starting a new people… The Metis.

One can not visit Winnipeg today and not feel those early influences, a city born on the border of the Great Plains to the West  and the Massive forests to the  East.  A city steeped in French and English culture with a handful of Native First Nations influence thrown in for good measure.

Winnipeg has always been a gathering place, not a Melting Pot, but rather a Mosaic where people are encouraged to keep and celebrate their heritage. It is home to the largest multicultural festival in North America, Folklorama.

Winnipeg to me though is home, a city big enough and cultured enough to keep a small town boy happy while giving him the ability to get lost in a crowd if need be. I am happy to say we have a thriving dining scene here, and the changing seasons are as varied as its people.

Winnipeg gets a bad wrap as far as I am concerned with being a desolate windswept snow-covered wasteland. This is simply not true.  Grand Beach,
just an hours drive of Winnipeg was once rated by Playboy to be one of the best beaches in the world.

The winters although harsh for the uninitiated, are crisp and clean. It is said that the Canadian sense of humor comes from our coming to grips with the stark beauty and savage reality of the land and the climate.

Wow.. So that’s my home in a nutshell, the squirrels in my brain are getting hungry.

Just one more thing I would like to thank my good friend Snoopy. She gave me the tag-line ” Welcome to the Darkside… We have Cookies” .

On that note I had a request for a picture from Karen…..

Me relaxing at Keycon25.  Letting my inner Godzilla out

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  1. Well, Bob, the green feet were totally lost in that tiny version of your picture. I’m still laughing! Boy, I didn’t see coming…

    And congratulations on being able to do something with the header. I’ve tried to replace the blue field with some kind of graphic, but the sizing of it stymied me. Maybe they have simplified the process since I last tried.

    Someone here I think mentioned exchanging cookie recipes for the holidays. Excellent idea, but my latest “cookie recipe” came in a tube. I don’t think I’ve made cookies from scratch since Home Ec in high school.

    • Yes, my good fiend Snoopy is quite the baker.
      She knows me personally so try to keep those questions in check LOL

      It was easy to get the header with a pic, kinda stumbled on it actually I think its in the dashboard thingy. But I can’t figure out how to re type my tag line so its not all over my face!!!